Small-Scale TMS for Small LSPs, Small Businesses and Businesses Offering Content in African Languages

Why Develop This/Another TMS? Developing a small-scale Translation Management System (TMS) not only for our own use, but also for small LSPs, small businesses and businesses offering content in African languages is a move aimed at addressing several key challenges and...

Data Collection App for Low-Resourced and Long-Tail Languages

Diving into LangOps, we recognize its pivotal role beyond translation—it's about understanding global markets and ensuring every language, including low-resourced languages, finds its place in our digital world. This commitment starts with a fundamental step: data...

How LangOps connect to concepts such as tech inclusion, low-resourced languages, long-tail languages, and including African languages in globalization strategies

LangOps plays a crucial role in addressing and connecting concepts like low-resourced languages, long-tail languages, technological inclusion, and the incorporation of African languages into globalization strategies. Here's how these connections manifest:  ...
Why We Should “Engage Africa”

Why We Should “Engage Africa”

  Engaging Africa is vital for several compelling reasons. It acknowledges and elevates the continent’s rich cultural and linguistic heritage, encourages inclusion in technological and educational advancements, and ensures that African voices are heard and...

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Africa Deep Dive: Market Entry/Adoption

Africa Deep Dive: Market Entry/Adoption

We are thrilled to announce that our network is a partner of the upcoming Global Saké conference, "Africa Deep Dive: Market Entry/Adoption"!   This isn't just a sponsorship; it's a commitment to the vibrant future of language services and technology in Africa....

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Fostering Local Successes to Unlock Global Opportunities

Localization ensures your content feels native and relatable.

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